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Masstech South Africa
A division of Massive Technologies

Closed Corporation : 2011/089285/23
TAX Registration : 9311/594/17/1

Krugersdorp, 1739
South Africa

Tel: + 27 82 786 4348
Fax: + 27 86 618 6590
Mail: henk.vanloggerenberg@gmail.com

Web: www.masstech.co.za

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We recently spent some time with the co-founder and CEO of Masstech.co.za.

Masstech.co.za as per his vision, is to become the biggest online technology store in South Africa.
But as we found out, this is no easy feat. With great vision it seems, comes a great amount of work. 

To provide more insight into our discussion, herewith the interview:

What prompted you to develop your service?

DMT: Well the idea was sparked one day while we were discussing pricing on Personal Computing hardware.
We found that no-one, not even the biggest of resellers back then had some of the items we were looking for. 
A joke was made that we surely can do this better than them and I guess the idea just stuck with us.

So, were there problems or challenges you faced initially?

DMT: When starting off in business, I trust there will always be some - and no exceptions was made for us.
Simple things like the sourcing of some of the more exotic items that most people take for granted, was a major pain in the neck.
However the biggest concerns we had at that stage was with logistics, luckily it was all sorted quite quickly.

So you where actively looking for a solution to the problem and then happened to have found one?

DMT: Honestly, yes, there are a wide variety of businesses in our lovely country that have amazing contacts and services to provide. 
However they are never as main stream as you might imagine, but yet can compete on a global arena.
Due to some really intense market research we were able to sort out our headaches quite easily by sourcing some amaizing local talent.

It seems you had an "ah-ha" moment, a moment when a "light bulb" went off?

DMT: We knew it wouldn`t be easy, however we could not foresee what some of the major pains where going to be when we started.
Strangely the biggest road blocks we had was red tape from large entities, like [a fixed-line telecoms provider] and the then CIPRO gave us alot of greay hair.
Some of our roadblocks took a long time to finally overcome.

Now that everything is up and running smoothly, what is still motivating you to sell your products?

DMT: The motivation comes from always being on the sidelines and looking into how over priced technology is in our market, compared to the prices in the USA - normally for no reason.
I guess it’s the sense of injustice that makes me still feel that if we step in and do something, that we can get the parasites in the industry to fall-off to the benefit of the consumer.

In all, when I was a student back in the day, I always wanted the newest greatest things on the market and could never get them.
But ironically when I could get them, I could never afford them as they where selling for double what they were selling for overseas.
This is something we are trying to rectify, however we have to keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day - best we can do is never give up!

Thank you for allowing us to get to know you a little bit better.

We had a great time with Daniel and the staff, at their offices in Pretoria.
He seems to genuinely care for customers and even steps in to assist on the floor.

After an insight into the business we asked some hard questions about business itself.
It seems there is more to the mind behind Masstech.co.za than just the passion for service.

The interview continues after the break.

What do you have to offer that differentiates you as Massive Technologies from everyone else?

DMT: Ha-ha, to avoid bashing the competition we are, as our name suggest, massive in terms of the products and choices we provide to our customers.
Our goal is to have the largest online selection of technology available of in South Africa by the end of the 3rd Quarter 2011.
This means good competition by way of securing deals with importers manufacturers.

In turn, this translates into better value for our clients in the form of highly competitive prices and the widest selection of items in the market.

That sounds good for the customer. But in terms of you as a business person, what would you say are your core values?

DMT: I have always liked the motto of a world famous company that reads "Don't be evil". This is a cliché in business I know - however, it is core to myself.
I have always said that I will rather cut margins to ensure we can deliver at the best possible prices, than just become another bloated and inefficient retail shop that robs the customer with a smile.

It sounds counter-intuitive, why do you do business the way you do?

DMT: My grandfather, a wiser man than myself, always said that he could have been a billionaire if was able to look past the bodies he would have left in his wake should he have chosen to go down that path. 
You are correct, it is quite unlike the eat-or-be-eaten mentality that we see around us every day. However, due to his vision of life and his nature, my grandfather was a roaring success in bussiness. 

Makes sense, but why do you only provide online services?

DMT: Strangely this is to keep costs down, eventually we want to provide collection / distribution points is every province.
However for now, with the amazing services we have leveraged, we can have a normal package at your door in half a week! 

In terms of this we are lucky as most shops are forced to offset their retail space against their item pricing.
This is bad for business as the customer ends up paying even more for no reason.

When the going is good are you going to expand beyond just providing your services locally? 

DMT: Well taking anything outside of the borders of South Africa is incredibly expensive.
A shipment to [insert your favourite African country here] is almost more expensive than the item itself.

For now, we pretty much cover the whole country in terms of delivery, which is great.
As for the rest of the world, who knows what the future may hold.


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